David’s Hands



30 Minute “Sampler” Massage $55

The time is yours and you can designate the area of focus. Usually your back, shoulders and neck are relieved in this 30 minute massage.

1 Hour Massage $90

You'll rest comfortably and modestly, draped with fine linens and bathed in Nature's Music on our elegantly prepared table.  During this one-hour service, your highly-trained therapist will utilize a blend of massage techniques to find and relieve the stresses hidden in your body, and sometimes even in your heart!

Organic coconut, peppermint and eucalyptus oils and warm towel wraps enhance the experience immensely.

Premier 90 Minute Massage $120

Our most popular service, this 90 minute massage includes all of the elements of the Full Body massage, but allows more time to heal the body once issues are found.

2 Hour “Bliss” Massage $145

Customized Full Body massage with natural sounds, organic oils, steaming towel wraps of your back, feet, hands and chest - and the Gift of Time to take it all in.

60 Minute PreNatal Massage $90

This variation of our Full Body massage is designed to accommodate and address the very special needs of expectant mothers in a normal and healthy pregnancy.  

Prenatal massage is beneficial throughout the entire nine months of the pregnancy; however, if you are having a high risk pregnancy it is best to discuss your condition with your midwife or physician before seeking a therapist. After doing so you may be able to receive massage work with a written release.

90 Minute Basalt Lava Rock Massage $140

In this 90 minute service, dense stones carved from Basalt Lava are heated to a VERY warm temperature and are actually used by the therapist as hand-tools for your massage.  In skilled hands the warmth helps penetrate gently but deeply into stressed tissues.  Failure to relax is almost impossible!

This is a wonderful service anytime, but on a cold wintery day, it's PERFECT!

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