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David Jewell

Nat'l Board Certified Medical Massage Therapist

"David is an excellent massage therapist! He is highly respectful and professional with clients while delivering a first class massage. I have had massages all over the world and David is one of the best I've encountered!"

  1. -Wendy H

The weather is starting to cool off so it's a great tune to give yourself a nice soothing, warm, perfect gift!!! Have a massage with David's Hands!!! Start your week off great or end it with something to look forward to - Book a massage with David!! You will be SO HAPPY YOU DID!!

  1. -Pam Harsanyi

David is incredible! Best massages that I have ever had!!! Book a massage with him and you will never want to go anywhere else!

- Wendy Sue Buckingham

David Jewell, born into a Heritage of Healing, is a third generation therapist.  His father was a Master of Swedish massage, his mother practiced Physical Therapy and his grandmother was well-known in her little town as having gifted “healing hands.”

David is a National Board Certified Medical Massage Therapist and combines medical knowledge and techniques with a variety of customized massage disciplines in order to meet the need for healing in each client individually.


Lake Magazine has reviewed spa services in the Lake Michigan region including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. David Jewell’s massage has been named as one of the Top 10 Spa services in region.


“You know David, every time I come back it seems like you try even harder to make it the best massage you’ve ever done – and it always is!”

When not performing massage, David enjoys fine art photography.  Samples of his work are displayed in the treatment rooms at David’s Hands.